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From app overview to user demo, view our collection of videos to help navigate and familiarise yourself with using The Invigilator app.

Our Student User Guide manual is available for you to download as a quick access guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your access and prepare ahead of time for using the app during your next assessment. We’ve also included a Student FAQ Guide as an easy downloadable resource for you below.

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Yes, the app has a logical layout and is very easy to use. To further familiarise yourself with the app before the assessment you are required to:

  • Watch the short training video and
  • Complete the mock assessment where you will become familiar with the actions required by the app.

No, the app will not take up much of your time during the assessment. The tasks to be performed take less than 5 minutes. Students are advised to adhere to the time allocated for completion of their examination as they would in a venue-based environment. Strict adherence to the system closing time will be enforced.

Once you finish your assessment and upload your required data at the end of that assessment, the app will no longer be able to record any audio or take any photos. The Invigilator app does not have access to any other data on your phone/device. 13 User information is stored for as long as it is required by your institution. Once this time has lapsed, the information will be permanently deleted from the Invigilator database.

As is the case with Apple and Android policies, the Invigilator complies with rigorous privacy policy requirements. All data will be securely stored on servers and user information will ONLY be used for assessment/ invigilation purposes.

The Invigilator implements a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of student information as required by the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act.

The app doesn’t use a lot of battery but you are advised to have your phone/device fully charged before commencing your assessment and to have your charger handy in case you need to charge your phone/device during the assessment. The application will warn you to plug your phone into charge should the battery have 30% or less battery power remaining.

No, the app does not require constant internet connection during your assessment. Internet connection (thus connection to either mobile data or Wi-Fi) is only required in the following two instances:

  • Upon commencement of your assessment – when you log into the application and you scan the QR code.
  • Upon completion of your assessment – when you have to upload your data. For the rest of your assessment, your phone should be on airplane mode, unless you have to contact the Invigilator support desk via WhatsApp.

No, the app is not data intensive and all images and sound recordings are compressed in order to use minimal data.

  • The Android app requires roughly, 19MB of space and data to install.
  • The Apple app requires roughly, 80MB of space and data to install.
  • The data usage is less about 5Mb per examination session.

Only audio recordings containing speech are flagged by the Invigilator system, thus background noises like cars passing, dogs barking or pages turning, will not cause the system to flag your recording.

Note: No music or talking to yourself is allowed during the assessment as this will flag your audio recording on the system.

To thus avoid any of your recordings being flagged by the application, please follow the same examination rules you would normally follow during a venue-based assessment.


Please visit your relevant app store, search for “The Invigilator” and download it.

The app’s icon is an owl. Please note, if you cannot find the app on your app store, a possible reason can be that your phone’s operating system (OS) is outdated. In this instance you should update your phone’s OS accordingly and then search for the app again.

You will have to reset your password. Click on the password reset link on the login page of the app.

Alternatively, click on the following link:

Ensure the media volume on your device (not merely the ringtone volume) is turned all the way up. This can be tested by playing a song on your device and then ensuring that the volume is at its loudest.

Please refer to communication from your institution on the deadlines for registering and testing the app.

Yes, your operating systems should be updated to their latest versions to avoid download issues. This can be done by selecting the phone settings and then software update.

  • Have your cell phone/device fully charged and keep your charger nearby for in case. You can charge your phone while using the app ensuring battery life.
  • Have your identification document with you (ID, driver’s license, or student card).
  • Ensure you have data on your cell phone/device to cater for each of your assessments.
  • Ensure the media volume on your device (not merely the ringtone volume) is turned all the way up. This can be tested by playing a song on your device and then ensuring that the volume is at its loudest.

Commencement of your assessment:

  • When you are ready to start the assessment, open the app and log in.
  • Scan the QR code provided to you on your assessment paper, or in case the QR code is not scanning, manually enter the Invigilator access code visible below the QR code on your assessment.

During your assessment:

  • After logging in with the QR code, put your phone/device on airplane mode.
  • DO NOT CLOSE THE APP as the app’s algorithm monitors the instances the app was exited for any reason other than to contact the Invigilator support desk via WhatsApp.
  • Follow the prompts on the app such as taking selfies and other required photos.

Completion of your assessment:

  • After completion of your paper, reconnect to the internet (via Wi-Fi or via mobile data), by switching airplane mode off and ensuring you have an internet connection.
  • Upload your data only after you first uploaded your script/assessment.

No, you should NEVER close the app for any reason other than to contact the Invigilator support desk via WhatsApp, as the app’s algorithm monitors the instances the app was exited for any reason other than to contact Invigilator support desk.

When the app is minimised, you will not receive notifications/prompts to perform the required actions such as taking a selfie or another photo.

In summation, your phone/device should always be next to you with the app open (a.k.a. in the foreground) so that you can respond to the prompts.

The app is running in the background and although it might dim your screen, it will ensure that your phone/device does not lock. It is therefore important to note that your need not try and ‘unlock’ your phone/device when it is only dimmed.

No, however when you minimise (leave) the app it will be flagged. You may leave the app for contacting the help desk. You can also access the LMS through the application.

No. There will be an opportunity for you to action the prompts when you get back and thus it is important for you to check the app upon your return.

The system will inform your institution if you did not perform a specific task in a reasonable timeframe.

This should not happen as you will have the opportunity to action a prompt within a reasonable time and thus even if you went to the bathroom, you will have the opportunity to action the prompt, as explained above.

It is however critical to ensure the media volume on your device (not merely the ringtone volume) is turned all the way up so that you hear the prompts.

Your phone/device should be on flight mode during your assessment with the exception of the following 3 instances for which you need internet connection:

  • Commencement of your assessment – when logging in and scanning the QR code
  • Conclusion of your assessment – when uploading your data at the end of the session
  • When you are contacting the Invigilator support desk

If you receive an incoming call or message in one of the three instances mentioned above, it will not affect the app but answering the call or responding to the message would indeed effect the app, and thus you should always refrain from doing so.

No, please note that normal exam conditions apply.

  • You are NOT allowed to communicate with anyone during the assessment
  • You are NOT allowed to talk to yourself or read your questions aloud
  • You are NOT allowed to play music during your assessment

All of the above will cause the system to flag your recordings.

If this were to happen, you then log in again and the app will calculate your remaining time and you will perform the remaining tasks as the app prompts you. The time out of app will be analysed for reasonability.

You will be required to scan the QR-code to commence the assessment session on the app. This QR code will appear on your assessment. If for some reason the QR-code does not want to scan, manually input the exam code below the QR-code.

Note: if your QR-code does not want to scan, please do NOT input your module code or any other other code. Please use the code visible on your assessment just below the QR-code.

You can log into the app before the exam, however, please note that the QR code should only be scanned once the assessment officially commences.

All actions performed are saved by the app and thus if your phone/device goes off during an assessment, your data will not be lost but it is imperative that you switch on your phone/device and open the app as soon as possible.

The remaining time will be calculated by the app once you open it again and if the time is up, you will need to upload your data accordingly.

The app’s prompts are completely random and thus differ from assessment to assessment and from student to student. This means not even the Invigilator support desk knows when the prompts for your specific assessment will be. Do not panic if it takes a while for a prompt to appear on the app.


Only once this is done can you upload your data on the app.


The facial recognition software performs better on pictures taken without glasses. If removing your glasses on registration and during the assessment is not too much of an inconvenience, please do so. If the facial recognition fails, recognition will be done manually on selfies uploaded.

Wearing a mask or scarf does affect facial recognition. However if you cannot remove your mask or scarf for religious or health reasons facial recognition will be performed manually based on the selfies received.

No, you will not be notified of audio recordings when they happen as they happen randomly throughout your assessment.

It is thus paramount that you adhere to normal exam conditions under which no communication with another persons are allowed and under which you must refrain from talking to yourself, reading the exam aloud and playing music.


You can send a WhatsApp message to the following number: 073 505 8273

Please be advised that this number CANNOT BE PHONED, but only whatsapped.

  • The Invigilator support desk can be contacted at any time before, during or after an assessment by using the WhatsApp line.
  • Note: if the Invigilator support desk is contacted during an assessment, this is the only reason for you to close the Invigilator App momentarily.
  • The Invigilator support desk can assist with any app related queries but cannot assist you with assessment or university software related issues.
  • Any malfunctions in technology that is no fault of the candidate will always being taken into account, ensuring the fairest possible exam for both examiners and candidates.

If you have any assessment related queries, you must address this through the normal channels of communications used throughout the year.

Note: It is advised that you ensure prior to your assessment, that you have the email address or contact number of the people at your institution who can assist you in case of an assessment related emergency (i.e. your subject lecturer or the institution help line).

It is best practice for you to check whether there is an app update in the app store before you start your assessment but in general your institution should notify you if there is any urgent update.



Need help? Contact our technical support team via WhatsApp to assist with your query.

Support consultants are available via our WhatsApp helpdesk to troubleshoot any technical issues you may have whilst using the app.



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Download The Invigilator App?

Click icon below to visit the app store on your mobile to get The Invigilator App.